Patient Eligibility Verification

We call, so you don’t have to.

We think your front desk team should spend their time welcoming patients, answering the phone, and filling your schedule. But how can they do this when it takes them 45 minutes for each patient’s insurance verification? That’s where we come in… Our team of patient eligibility verification experts wait on hold, get the best PT specific verification info, and send it directly to your front desk team. That way they can work on improving your customer service on the front end and spend their time filling your schedule. We wait on hold so you don’t have too!

Stop paying salary, overtime, taxes, and benefits just for patient eligibility verification.

  • How many hours per day does your staff sit on hold handling patient insurance verification?
  • How many important tasks do not get done because of patient eligibility verification calls?
  • Why not let us do all the tedious labor so you and your staff are free to focus on patient treatment and experience?

Perform Practice Solutions’ patient eligibility verification service helps clinic owners drastically reduce their staffing costs while simultaneously increasing revenue. Our U.S-based patient eligibility verification specialists’ sole job is to call payers to get the exact information needed to get you paid more and faster. We know this game, we have been winning at it for more than 15 years for our own practices and our clients. Now, we are offering our expertise to your practice for a fraction of what it currently costs you in payroll, claim, stress.

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How it works

Patient eligibility verification and authorization

All we need is your patient’s name, and insurance ID number — which your front office staff enters in our secure web portal—and within 24 hours you get all the information you need to bill accurately. Gone are your staff’s inefficient days spent on hold: we call so you don’t have to.

Clinic Support and Assistance

Our Perform Practice Solutions coaches and medical insurance verification specialists are here to help you every step of the way when implementing our service.

Cost (per patient call)

  • 0-60: $850
  • 61-100: $1075
  • 101-150: $1350
  • 151-200: $1600
  • 201-250: $1800
  • 251-325: $2000

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To be used for Perform physical therapy billing solutions, patient eligibility verification, & physical therapy marketing services.

We want you to succeed. We also know that with basic fundamentals in place our job is easier, and yours is more fun and profitable.
Billing Therapy Solution

Online portals vs. Perform Practice Solutions patient eligibility verification services

Information from online portals like Availability and payer websites is often inaccurate and incomplete, leading to claim denials and thousands of dollars in lost reimbursement. Our patient insurance verification specialists know what to ask, and how to ask it, to get you paid.

See how we compare...

  • Is Plan Active?
  • Deductible Information
  • Out-Of-Pocket Max Information
  • Visits Allowed
  • Is Plan Active?
  • Deductible Information
  • Out-of-Pocket Max Information
  • Visits Allowed
  • Patient Authorization
  • Medical Necessity Authorization
  • Hard or Soft Limit
  • Prescription Necessity
  • Claims Address
  • Practice-Specific Network Benefits
What We Provide

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Perform Billing Solutions

Our transparent physical therapy billing platform shows you exactly where your dollars are, creating an efficient and streamlined system to optimize cash flow.

Patient Eligibility Verification

Securing accurate eligibility data takes hours and is often a major expense in payroll, claim denials, and stress. Perform Practice Solutions eliminates these costs.

Perform Marketing Solutions

Our physical therapy marketing services take all of the guesswork out of promoting and building your business. We provide comprehensive packages designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

Brokerage / Practice Sales Consulting

You know PT. We know PT – and the business of PT. Our coaching service educates you on the best way to combine the science of physical therapy with the art of running a business.

Credentialing / Contracting

There are few things more important than your therapist's credentials. We can help keep the money flowing to you and make sure that your therapists stay in-network. We take care of every detail.

Unhappy with your current
PT billing service?

Feel like you’re overpaying for the (limited) services your PT billing company offers? If you’re unclear on where your dollars are, it’s time to give us a call.

Perform Practice Solutions is committed to radically changing the way the physical therapy billing industry operates. With our transparent PT billing platform, we’ll work with you and your front office team to create efficient systems that will help improve patient data processing. Most importantly, we won’t just sit back and watch your A/R grow; we’re on YOUR team and we WANT you to get paid!

Physical Therapy Credentialing Service

Our team of experts doesn’t just know business,

We know physical therapy.

We specialize in PT business operations and marketing for PT clinics.
Billing Therapy Solution
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Physical Therapy Marketing Solutions

Perform Practice Solutions helps physical therapy clinic owners nationwide adjust to the changing and challenging reality of PT ownership. With its innovative coaching platform, transparent physical therapy, and physical therapy marketing services, Perform Practice Solutions provides frustrated and hard-working owners an alternative way forward. It's not easy, but it is possible.