Save Time. Make Money.

Envision the time you save having subject matter experts manage TMS Billing Services, Spravato Billing Services, or both. Our dedicated team of specialists will handle everything, maximizing reimbursements and freeing you to focus on patient care.

Streamlined Workflows. Seamless Payments.

Effortless Claim Submission

Record your appointments, complete your notes, and leave the rest of the process to our experts for accurate, efficient, and viable claim submissions.

Expert Claim Review and Follow-Up

We double-check to ensure every detail is precise. Should rejection occur, we investigate extensively and work with payers for reimbursement of services rendered.

Fast and Faultless Payment Posting

We take tedious reconciliation off your plate. We track remittances and post payments to your patient accounts. Welcome to up-to-date, accurate ledgers.

Dedicated Spravato Billing and TMS Billing Specialists

Perform Practice Solutions places dedicated billing specialists where they need to be. Whether managing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Billing or Spravato Billing for TRD or MDD patients, our experts work tirelessly to ensure timely and proper claims and billing. Regular meetings keep you apprised of your billing performance.

Before and After Managed Billing

Before Perform Practice Solutions:

  • Frustration with Billing:  Complex and intricate regulations and processes create confusion and delays.
  • Wasted Time:  Paperwork gets backed up, eating into nights, weekends, and time at the office.
  • Cramped Cash Flow: Payments are tardy or delayed, hindering investments in the practice and team.

After Perform Practice Solutions

  • Peace of Mind: Our experts handle your billing, so you can focus on patient care with confidence.
  • More Time for What Matters: Get back to what you love – treating patients and helping them reach their full potential.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Consistent and accurate reimbursement ensures your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Stop letting TMS Billing headaches or Spravato Billing delays distract you from your priorities. Perform Practice Solutions will handle the paperwork so you can focus on making a difference in your patients' lives.

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Perform Practice Solutions helps clinic owners nationwide adjust to the changing and challenging reality of practice ownership. With its innovative coaching platform, transparent billing platforms, and marketing services, Perform Practice Solutions provides frustrated and hard-working owners with an alternative way forward. It's not easy, but it is possible.

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