Virtual Staffing -- for Your Every Administrative Need!

We Are Proud to Now Offer Virtual Assistant Services!

That’s right! We are improving our performance to help you improve your practice even MORE! The most successful physical therapy clinics have every aspect of their operation dialed, and we are here to support you in reaching that goal!

Behind-the-Scenes Reliability

Imagine having a skilled Virtual Front Desk and Receptionist for:

  • answering your phones and booking patients,
  • seamless and timely appointment management and scheduling,
  • prompt and professional appointment confirmations,
  • verification of patient benefits
  • comprehensive authorizations
  • and more!

Consistent, Exceptional Administrative Support

Do not miss any more communication or scheduling requirements. Be confident knowing incoming calls, voice messages, email correspondence, and referrals receive prompt attention and follow-up – flawlessly.

Behind-the-Scenes Reliability

Get in touch to learn more and get started with the support that will help your business excel!

Brilliant Authorization and Virtual Verification Management

Brilliant Authorization and Virtual Verification Management

All that paperwork, pencil-pushing, and procedures that keep your team stuck at a desk do not need to weigh them down anymore! When your employees can focus on the daily operation of the clinic and patients, the service standard rises (and so does your patient satisfaction)!

Your Virtual Assistant can expertly oversee the following:


  • do not spend any more time chasing down authorizations or spending endless hours on time-consuming call-backs and data gathering!

Benefit Verification

  • gain peace of mind knowing there is expert coordination of patient benefits in the background!

Patient Reactivation

  • imagine the comfort of knowing no patient will fall through the cracks, and you can rely on prompt and professional reactivation!

A Virtual Assistant does not deal with distractions or interruptions that arise in any clinic or practice environment — attention to detail is laser-focused, and the work is optimally efficient and highly professional.

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Your Practice -- Amplified

The number of businesses using Virtual Assistants may surprise you! More companies realize the countless benefits of running their business smoothly in the background with a Virtual Assistant while they focus on the bigger picture. Here are three of the most significant advantages:


  • There is truth in the adage: time is money, and having someone take care of the back-end part of the business can allow you to focus on operating (and growing!) your practice.


  • Overhead costs, labor costs, office space and supplies — there are so many ways a Virtual Assistant saves money!


  • Think of the time spent on non-core tasks that are a requirement of your practice and what you and your team can do when you get that time back! The possibilities are endless for scaling your business.
Your Practice -- Amplified
Trusted, Trained, and Chosen by YOU!

Trusted, Trained, and Chosen by YOU!

Our Virtual Assistants are some of the best at what they do — but you need to feel confident you can work with them! We will discuss your business needs and compile candidates for you to review via digital resume and short video — you interview and decide who will work best! We will support you with their onboarding to ensure a smooth procedure, and you can begin reaping the rewards of having a Virtual Assistant who is essentially a part of your team (without all the extra effort and cost)!

Are you ready to accelerate the success of your practice?

Get in touch to learn more and get started with the support that will help your business excel!

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Perform Billing Solutions

Our transparent billing platform shows you exactly where your dollars are, creating an efficient and streamlined system to optimize cash flow.

Virtual Staffing

Our virtual staffing services are the right solution to make your practice more profitable and efficient. You won’t believe the time — & money!

Perform Marketing Solutions

Our PT, OT & Chiro marketing services take all of the guesswork out of promoting and building your business. We provide comprehensive packages designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

Brokerage / Practice Sales Consulting

We know PT, OT, & Chiro – backwards and forwards. Our coaching service educates you on the best way to combine the science of physical therapy with the art of running a business.

Credentialing / Contracting

There are few things more important than your therapist's credentials. We can help keep the money flowing to you and make sure that your therapists stay in-network. We take care of every detail.

Our team of experts doesn’t just know business,

We know physical therapy.

We specialize in PT business operations and marketing for PT clinics.
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Perform Practice Solutions helps clinic owners nationwide adjust to the changing and challenging reality of practice ownership. With its innovative coaching platform, transparent billing platforms, and marketing services, Perform Practice Solutions provides frustrated and hard-working owners with an alternative way forward. It's not easy, but it is possible.

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