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Perform Practice Solutions - Enhancing your PT, OT, and Chiropractic Practice

Perform Practice Solutions is the secret weapon for successful practices all over the U.S. We simplify the most challenging – and resource-draining – aspects of managing a PT, OT, or Chiropractic practice, including industry specific marketing, billing, sales consulting, credentialing, and patient eligibility verification. We can help you to run your business with more efficiency and less stress!

Need help navigating
the challenging reality of owning your own practice or clinic?

Perform Practice Solutions helps clinic owners nationwide adjust to the ever-changing reality of practice ownership in the current state of healthcare.

Our team works with you to change the way you view your role as an owner and create a business that works for you rather than against you. With its support of your largest challenges, innovative solutions, marketing support, and transparent billing services, Perform Practice Solutions provides frustrated and hard-working owners an alternative way forward with new perspectives on how to solve problems that we have solved many times before.

It’s not easy, but it is possible.

What We Provide

Our Services

Perform Billing Solutions

Our transparent billing platform shows you exactly where your dollars are, creating an efficient and streamlined system to optimize cash flow.

Virtual Staffing

Our virtual staffing services are the right solution to make your practice more profitable and efficient. You won’t believe the time — & money!

Perform Marketing Solutions

Our PT, OT & Chiro marketing services take all of the guesswork out of promoting and building your business. We provide comprehensive packages designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

Brokerage / Practice Sales Consulting

We know PT, OT, & Chiro – backwards and forwards. Our coaching service educates you on the best way to combine the science of physical therapy with the art of running a business.

Credentialing / Contracting

There are few things more important than your therapist's credentials. We can help keep the money flowing to you and make sure that your therapists stay in-network. We take care of every detail.

Our team of experts doesn’t just know the business,

We know PT, OT, and Chiro.

We specialize in marketing, billing, and business operations for clinics and practices.
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What other PT, OT, & Chiropractic Practice owners
say about us

I am an Occupational Therapist — and I quickly realized the administration and behind-the-scenes responsibilities of starting my clinic were beyond my scope. Enter Perform Practice Solutions and Kevin Rausch — who has been a fantastic resource for helping make sense of and get the business side of my clinic running efficiently. It is the best investment I could have made to save money (and make more!) in the long run. Kevin is genuine and dedicated to ensuring my business thrives, and I do not know how to express my appreciation for his kindness and expert support! If you are just starting or have had your practice for years, you can still use the help of Perform Practice Solutions, trust me!

David Adell

I was burning the candle at both ends, trying to keep my Chiropractic clinic afloat, and was exhausted and overwhelmed. There are countless details, administrative tasks, and operational oddities that you don’t know about until you encounter them. I did not realize how stuck in the weeds I was until I spoke with Kevin Rausch from Perform Practice Solutions. There are significant benefits to having someone with specific experience and an outside perspective consult on what direction to take to see improvements. Kevin was indescribably helpful with organizing the threats and opportunities of my practice and helping me save time and money with his recommended improvements. We are still working on action items, but I already feel the difference in my operation and work/life balance with what I have implemented to date! fake rolex yacht master

Jeremy Maddon
South Carolina

You don’t know what you don’t know. I am so glad I got Perform Practice Solutions to help me figure out the gaps in my Occupational Therapy business. Kevin Rausch is reliable, responsible, and professional and has valuable knowledge in all areas of operation. I had no idea how much time I was wasting in some areas and missing the necessary focus on others. A few small changes have made all the difference, and I am already reaping the rewards of a more efficient clinic! I can’t thank Kevin enough — I highly recommend PPS!

Marie Hall

I’ve worked with Kevin and his team for 3 years. They take care of all of my billing and marketing needs. Their system is top-notch and their advice is unmatched. I highly recommend.

Practice Owner & PT - Florida

I’m on the Perform Practice Solutions team and I use both the Marketing and Eligibility Benefits Services. I couldn’t be happier. It takes so much pressure off of me and my team. I love how automatic marketing services just push and make my clinic look great!

Practice Owner & PT - California

We use the Eligibility Verification and Billing Services for our 7 practice group here on the East Coast. It’s amazing. I treat, they do all the back end work. I love it and I love them. My life is so much easier since I switched to Perform Practice Solutions

Practice Manager- New Jersey

I’ve been burned by so many bad billers and billing companies, but since I switched to Perform Practice Solutions I’ve been making more money! And it happened so fast. They work directly with my front office team to make the info flow so much smoother. They even got me paid within the week of seeing the patient! I never thought that was possible!

Practice Owner and PT - Arizona

“I’ve been in business for many years, I’ve attended the workshops and implemented any and all ideas I could. I cannot tell you how refreshing it has been to work with Perform Practice Solutions. Their no nonsense, straightforward approach has made me feel like I’m not so alone over here. They have a great approach that’s made me more accountable and effective than I ever thought I could be. You are crazy if you don’t take them up on their offer to help!”


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Perform Practice Solutions helps clinic owners nationwide adjust to the changing and challenging reality of practice ownership. With its innovative coaching platform, transparent billing platforms, and marketing services, Perform Practice Solutions provides frustrated and hard-working owners with an alternative way forward. It's not easy, but it is possible.

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