Recurring Billing Issues: 7 Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

We know that recurring billing isn’t a straightforward process. Billing errors can and do happen – and happen often. However, they are 100% avoidable. Learn more about some common challenges and how to overcome them. Consider going beyond with a provider who has your growth in mind. Perform Practice Solutions offers a transparent physical therapy …


What Should Your Business Still Be Doing Manually, Anyway?

When it comes to business processes, many companies try to automate as much as possible to help save time and streamline operations. From accounting software to social media tools, there are countless ways to automate small and large tasks alike. But, automation isn’t for everything—contrary to what many business owners believe. In fact, there are some things in …


Smart Marketing Can Give Small Businesses An Advantage In 2021

Is it time for a fresh start? Business owners need to focus on recovering. Improve the chances of the success of your practice by boosting your marketing strategy (or implementing one!). We can also help, as marketing can take your time and your patients need your full attention. Moreover, you need an expert team to focus on …


Using Social Media to Optimize your PT Practice

Increasingly, the amount of time being spent online engaging with social media platforms has become an integrated aspect of our daily lives. Nearly 74% of Americans are on Facebook daily- given this exposure we want you to consider: Are you maximizing the exposure of your physical therapy clinic through various social media platforms? 80% of …


The 13 Biggest Small Business Technology Stories Of 2020

One of the best things small businesses can do is learn from the past to improve the future. And there are many lessons to be taken from 2020! Here is an insightful overview of some of the top SMB technology stories to peruse for some takeaways. Every week I round up the five most important …


Three Business Lessons Every Leader Should Take Away From 2020

It is a relief to close the door on 2020 and look ahead to 2021. But there are valuable business lessons to take away from the most unconventional year we all just endured. Here are three that are worth reviewing. We are nearing the finish line of a year that many people will forever associate …

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