Supporting Your Practice and Elevating Patient Experience

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to running a successful medical practice. The problems that you need to tackle are important, but day-to-day patient care and daily operations take away from the time you have to dedicate to things such as billing, credentialing, management, marketing, and eligibility. This is where we come …


How to Get Physical Therapy in the Middle of a Pandemic

To keep your patient roster full, you’re going to have to get creative. There are no two ways around it. Even in states under a lockdown or with restrictions, PT is still considered essential – but that doesn’t mean that your population will want to readily come to your (super clean) practice. You’ll need a …


Top 3 Marketing Steps for Your Practice

Want more patients and referrals — for YESTERDAY? You can’t ignore marketing. A solid plan can ensure a steady flow of appointments and revenue. Let’s explore the best ways to market your practice TODAY at 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST! PerformPracticeSolutions.com    Let’s talk about your business challenges today. Our fresh perspectives, experience, …


COVID19 Webinar Series: Front Office Best Behaviors…

  Your front desk personnel plays an extremely important role in the representation of your practice. After all, they’re typically the first people your patients interact with — and first impressions matter. They’re the ones answering the phone, greeting your patients, collecting copays, and everything in between. How much time educating and training them are …


Covid19: What’s Next? Pivoting from Defense to Offense

Covid19: Leadership During Challenging Times Let’s talk about your business challenges today. Our fresh perspectives, experience, and specialized skill sets will get your practice where you want it, and with far less stress. (833) 764-0178


Exercise, physical therapy important while ‘social distancing’ during coronavirus outbreak

Perform Practice Solutions is here for you during this unprecedented time and knows physical therapists may be wondering: What’s next? That is where exercising comes in. In general, exercise helps your physical and mental health during times of crisis. Minimizing person-to-person interactions is key to controlling the spread of coronavirus, according to federal officials, but self-quarantining …

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