Are You Billing For This? You Should Be! Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) 101

Are You Billing For This? You Should Be! Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) 101

At Perform Practice Solutions, we are always looking for ways to improve your practice revenue. CMS has finally done something right and is reimbursing for RTM codes. Below you will find a guide on what CMS’s new final rule is and how to apply it to your practice.

This can add up to $100 extra per case for each of your Medicare patients. This compounded on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis will increase your bottom line by possible leaps and bounds.

Whether you are currently offering these services and not billing, OR want to figure out how to enhance your practice with these services AND build your bottom line — we can help. Just book a free consultation with Kevin Rausch and he will get all your questions answered — www.calendly.com/kevinrausch.

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

1. CMS approved the final rule starting in January 2022. It is the use of patient-engagement technologies to remotely monitor and communicate with patients outside the walls of the clinic between the PT visits

2. These are designed to be billed separately from clinic visits however currently insurance is accepting these in addition to normal codes

What is Being Monitored

3. A Patient’s Musculoskeletal System (MSK) Status.

How are Data Points Tracked?

4. An app. This is data that is self-reported by patients and analyzed by the PT to improve care. Medbridge is a common app you can use.

Benefits for the PT

5. It is a way to monitor:
a) HEP Compliance
b) Patient’s response to PT
c) Patient pain levels
d) PTs can modify the POC before seeing the patient again

Key Points:

6. Take-away

  1. Patients should log in daily to the app to track their progress
  2. This will help progress the patient faster and get them better results
  3. This will develop the best possible POC
  4. This goes above and beyond regular PT office visits
  5. Supports the patient outside the clinic


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
98975 RTM – Setup/ Education $26.99 Billed ONLY Once per Episode of Care

  1. Initial set-up includes downloading the app on the patient’s phone
  2. Educating patients on the process and what is expected of them
  3. Reviewing the prescribed exercises on their HEP
  4. Having the patient demonstrate and confirm the understanding of expectations
  5. Requires 16 days of monitoring within a 30-day period

98977 RTM – Device Supply $68.51 Billed Once each 30-day Period

  1. Billed once every 30 days
  2. The cost of the app for patients
  3. Requires 16 days of monitoring in a 30-day period

98980 RTM – Management-1 st 20 minutes/month $59.77 Billed Once per Calendar Month

  1. Management of data and communication with the patient
  2. First 20 minutes of monitoring and managing each calendar month
  3. Must contain at least 1 minute of interactive communication with the patient

98981 RTM – Management-2nd 20 minute/month $49.08 Billed Multiple Times per Calendar Month

  1. PT analysis of the data
  2. Modifying HEP

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